With great excitement I am so proud to launch our “ I Am Enough” project for women over 40. The project will showcase 52 everyday women. Women just like you and me, all shapes, all sizes all colours & abilities. Each woman will be featured with her story, in her words on our Facebook page. 

If you have cringed of the thought of having a portrait taken and catch yourself thinking you’re not enough…. Then you're my girl!

If you want to see the most beautiful photograph ever taken of YOU, to see yourself differently and to FEEL special again… then nominate yourself and give yourself the gift, because it doesn’t always have to be this hard on yourself… 

I want you to see how ‘Truly Amazing and Enough you really are or if you want to nominate a women that’s needs to know too..... Then now is the time.

I want to help you find your beautiful and show you that you are so enough.
Message me to apply ...