Family Portrait Information

Willow Belle boutique studio is an indoor space flooded with flattering natural light, minimizing the need to use harsh flash. Owner and principal photographer Angela works closely with professional hair and makeup artists to help you shine.

If you require makeup and hair it will take 1 – 1.5 hours per person, during which time we will discuss clothes, accessory ideas and the approach to your contemporary new image.

The photography shoot will take between 2 and 3 hours.

Prior to arriving at the photography session there are a few things you need to do to think about and prepare.


  • Your outfits are very important to the final look of your images, so it is important to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear for the shoot. We will do two changes, but please bring three or more outfits, as sometimes the outfit you think would be best isn’t the outfit you feel like wearing on the day.
  • The clothing you choose needs to represent the look/s you would like to have in your photos, see some tips below.
  • It is imperative to iron your clothes prior to arriving. We do not have ironing facilities and un-ironed clothes are obvious to the camera.


Tips for clothing choices:


  • The outfits you select should compliment each other.
  • Wear similar colours and looks.
  • Don’t wear shirts with large motives or logos.
  • Don’t mix colours and patterns. Be careful with stripes.
  • Please ensure you consider your footwear as well.
  •  Bring outfits that you love to wear and that are age appropriate.
  • Plain coloured shirts photograph the best.
  • Accessories can really enhance your look & show a part of your familys’ personality. Ensure they compliment your outfit and the family look.
  •  A great pair of jeans teamed with white or black tops are classic staples that photograph well.


  • If you want to cover your arms, capped sleeved tops are flattering.
  • Great fitting underwear can make or break an image. A well fitted bra gives fantastic shape and bust line. If you have a strapless top, bring a strapless bra, and the same goes for white top, white bra…etc.


  • Wash your hair the night before (hair washed on the morning drops out quickly). Please leave it product free on the day.
  • To prepare your face, wash and moisturise as you would normally. Do not apply any foundation, tinted moisturiser or mineral make-ups.
  •  If you have any allergies to any hair/make-up products please advise us PRIOR to the shoot day, so we can cater for your needs accordingly.
  • If you are not having hair and makeup by us, please arrive for the shoot with it already done.


  • If you are getting a spray tan please ensure this is completed at least 2 days prior to the photo shoot.
  • If you are having your haircut or coloured please complete at least one week prior to your shoot.
  • Eyebrows can shape your face, if you are planning on getting an eyebrow wax, please do at least 2-3 days prior to the shoot.
  • Hands can often be seen in photos, so moisturize and prepare them beforehand.

And finally…

  •  If the females in the family are having hair and makeup, we suggest you arrive at the shoot time. The rest of the family can arrive after you have finished being pampered and relaxed.
  • Please aim to be at the studio 15 minutes prior to your photo shoot. This way you arrive settled, relaxed and ready to shine. We want you to look fabulous not flustered!
  • If you have appropriate images which inspire you for your family shoot, bring them along – we are happy to explore new directions.
  • Last of all…get a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water. (adding a slice of lemon is known as a ‘natural botox’!!)

All we ask of you now is to have fun and be yourself…we’ll do the rest!

“Inner beauty, too, needs occasionally to be told it is beautiful”

~Robert Brault